Tiong Bahru Adventure Park – Playground & Pond

Tiong Bahru Adventure Park - Playground & Pond
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Overall rating: 4 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.

General Description: This playground sits in a large sand box featuring an elevated rocking train. To ascend the train, you either climb the stairs of use the ladders/ropes.From there you navigate your way through each carriage which tilts in different angles. You can make a quick exit from the many slides. Suited for older kids.

Younger kids may also enjoy the merry-go-round (currently removed), or the several spring riders. The playground also has a couple of swings, a flying fox and monkey bars.

Next to the playground is a pond that has a few resident terrapins. Try spotting dragonflies and mud skippers as well.

Amenities: This playground has shady trees in some portions, has seats, has car parking. Has Toilets at a separate block.

Address: Tiong Bahru Road, 168732

Tiong Bahru Adventure Park – Playground & Pond

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Nice outdoor playground

Tiong Bahru Adventure Park – Playground & Pond
My kids love the sand play there. They enjoy the slides there as well. Only downside is that it can get super hot on a sunny day.
- Janet

Best sandplay in Tiong Bahru

Tiong Bahru Adventure Park – Playground & Pond
This is one of my daughter's favourite playground! She loves the sandplay, nice smooth slides and figuring out the various options to climb up the train! The swing is great fun too although there's always a queue for it.
- Joy

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