Yishun River Green (Ring Rd, Blk 330) – (Crooked House) Playground

Yishun River Green (Ring Rd, Blk 330) - (Crooked House) Playground
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General Description: A fun little playground for young and older kids.

Features wooden crooked houses that bend and arch finished in bright yellow and white paint. The houses afford kids the opportunity to climb and crawl through the tall and narrow spaces and finally zip down the metal slide. The lower caverns have little windows for kids to pretend play house or shop.

Separately is an amazing cluster of swings, for the older ones to climb and hang-out with friends.

Children would also be challenged to ascend a webbed structure to reach a tube slide.

Sun down and kids would be able to play with the interactive light pads embedded into the ground.

Amenities: This playground hardly shaded with some seating. The is open car-parking close-by. There are no public toilets in the vicinity.

Address: 330 Yishun Ring Road, Singapore 760330

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